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The Best Dresses You Should Wear When You Have Tan Lines

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The Best Dresses You Should Wear When You Have Tan Lines

What happens if you forget your sunscreen and get tan lines from being out in the sun too long by having so much fun? Perhaps you intentionally went to the beach or pool or other outdoor activity and got a great tan. Now you've got tan lines from your swimsuit top that will be obviously visible when wearing certain pieces of clothing. What does one do in these situations? For starters, you could stop in at a tanning salon to cover those lines with a tan spray or UV machine. If that isn't an option or even a preference for you, then makeup is another alternative. However, makeup may not completely cover those tan lines effectively.

Your best bet is with clothing. It's as easy as that. Depending on the type of swimsuit you wore will determine the style of dress to cover up those tan lines from your shoulders, neck or chest areas. This in-depth guide will address the common types of cheap bridesmaid dresses swimsuits worn and the ideal cover-up dress for those tan lines you can purchase online or find at your local mall. Featured will be the six swimsuits and their corresponding dresses. These are the very best dresses to wear when you have tan lines. One of the dresses is fashion's greatest secret weapon, the little black dress. This classic A-line dress that's all in black is truly perfect in covering up these dreaded tan lines. Here now is a little something about the swimsuit and further information on the dress that will go perfect with your swimsuit when you get a tan line. Now you'll be prepared.

1.) Halter Top Swimsuit & V-Neck Halter Bra Top Dress - $19.99

This type of popular swimwear top features straps that tie around the back of the neck as opposed to straps over the shoulder, which have a tendency to slip off or have one droop off to the side. It gives the swimmer a more secure feeling when the halter top is tied more securely and the shoulders are completely freed up. Here is a knotted halter strap dress from Victoria's Secret made with its Supima cotton giving you additional softness. It comes in a variety of colors such as white, black, candy pink, fiesta red, blue lotus and others. Sizes are from XS (0-2) to XL (16-18). You can't go wrong with anything from Victoria's Secret whether at the mall or their website.

2.) One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit & One Shoulder Flutter Sleeve Dress - $59

One of the more unusual and less common swimsuit types that is fairly self-explanatory. Its one shoulder feature is reminiscent of the Tarzan look. However, with each spring/summer season this swimsuit is gaining popularity. It always has a flattering look to it in a fashion sense. What I love about the plum one shoulder dress is its draping-like sleeve. I use to have a dress with sleeves like this one. Every time I wore it I would get compliments. No doubt you'll get compliments too with this flattering dress that easily cover up the one shoulder with a conspicuous tan line.

3.) Bandeau Swimsuit & Roxy Coral Way Bandeau Tube Dress - $44.50

Here is one of my favorite styles of swimsuits that are featured on either a one or two-piece. The bandeau is completely strapless, much like a tube top or strapless bra, but is usually gathered or pleated in the middle. In true bandeau style is this black or cream color tube dress with a zipper front and shirt tail hem. It fits nice and snug as well as perfectly matching your bandeau swimsuit tan lines. The great thing about this swimsuit and dress is you can show off your shoulders.

4.) Halter Bandeau Swimsuit & Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter Bandeau Dress - $43

Another variation of the bandeau top, a section of bridesmaid dresses fabric that stretches across the chest area, that's in either a one or two-piece swimsuit. However, this time it offers a strap attached to the top that may be detachable. The strap oftentimes adds more security to keep the bandeau from slipping and causing a wardrobe malfunction in public. One major problem with this type of swimsuit is the very obvious tan line with its strap. No worries, because this spandex jersey bandeau dress can be worn in fifteen different ways. One of them (as pictured) is with straps an inch or so wide that will take care of the halter strap lines on the chest and neck areas. This dress comes in an array of colors to choose from. Who knew you could do so much with one dress.

5.) Classic Bikini Swimsuit & Jessica Howard® Rosette Neck Ruched Dress-Black- $79.99

Of course most everyone is familiar with the classic bikini two-piece swimsuit that has straps much like a traditional bra. The bikini top features two bra cups and straps that go over the shoulders and are sewn into the band across the back. Some of these straps are a couple of inches wide to very thin-like spaghetti straps. Unfortunately this swimsuit will provide you with the ultimate tan line across the shoulders, which will make it impossible to wear anything shoulder-less or backless for a while.

Never fear, because there is a fantastic fashion standby that has always stayed in style, the little black dress. It is a very simply, yet elegant A-line solid black dress that's either plain in design or trimmed with ruffles, beadings or other trimmings. While we're on the subject of trimmings, here is a beautiful black matte jersey dress with a ruffled rosette neckline. It also features a ruched bodice and waist as well as a back zipper. This will cover the shoulder strap tan lines beautifully with its wide shoulders and fully enclosed backside. You will still look as chic and stylish as ever in this LBD (little black dress).

6.) Racerback Sports Swimsuit & American Living Gathered Side Jersey Dress-Black - $59.99

If you've watched the Summer Olympics, especially the swimming events, then this is the type of swimsuit the female swimmers wear. It's the quintessential sports swimsuit for competitors. Needless to say it also produces some weird-looking tan lines, especially in the back. Not only that, the front of the swimsuit is virtually covered. Enough cannot be said about this, you cannot go wrong with another classic black A-Line dress that is very elegant and plain in design. When you think of a little black dress this would probably come to mind. Here is one in a matte jersey with side ruche detail. You can't get more elegant and sexy than this dress.

Who'd have ever thought wearing a dress like your bathing suit to cover tan lines would be so easy and ingenious? Even if a dress can't match other swimsuit tan lines you can always call on the little black dress. That is all there is to it. Thankfully you won't end up like some celebrities who have actually showed up at red carpet events with very obvious tan lines and wearing the completely wrong dresses. Of all people you would think they'd have the edge on fashion and know better. Well, now you can beat those famous celebrities to the punch with one of these six very best dresses to wear when you have tan lines.





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