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we want to make different sizes of the guild

The lated apartment near the sun

we want to make different sizes of the guild

In just 48 hours, there are one million players to participate in the upcoming GW2 test activities. Although we hope that we can let each applicant in the test,... If no smoke also don't lose heart, pre the guild wars 2 "can participate in the upcoming weekend test, for the first time publicly weekend to test on April 20, debut 

In GW2 except for a surprising PvE content and the intense competitive PvP content outside, still have a very large, outdoor type, between the war against server, you must never seen, this is called the world against the WvW. 

Everybody is good, this is Mike Ferguson, Anet one of system design member, this time I want to introduce you to one of the most GW2 gold by looking forward to the face: WvW. This is a super large game modes, so then there is a lot to say! 

Grand war 

Early in the development initial we have clear goals, we want to GW2 contains a large war, the question is how to realize? We know the correct direction, in several fog; this is place) in the map of the three party infighting, and each faction has a server for the players. There are three faction is WvW best balance of factors, can avoid a party excessive strong and make the whole against become meaningless. The situation of poor two party can the common fight against the third party, the interaction between the two parties in the game is impossible to see. ; in the original GW of HA early in the practice of three party against) 

We have a dream so a game can let players took over the battlefield cooperation objectives, for example to village or tower, declared himself the guild territory, and set up defenses and then against attacks. With three players to the server, we know that must have a lot of different regional let them wander, and we want to make different sizes of the guild can participate. Therefore, we design a lot of different occupation target, and large guild, small guild, even three several players can compete and occupation. To provide enough space to accommodate all these goals, we need some absolutely huge map, and four. 


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    dsf23r asd12d 15/06/2012 03:15

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